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A marketing platform for serious musicians.

Welcome To Band Magnet

Band Magnet is a marketing platform for musicians. You can host your entire website, or even just use it to host specific segments.

Powerful features make it a great platform to host and nurture your unique identity. Band Magnet makes it easy to start a website from scratch and build your empire, or add to your existing website by adding new segments like a fan forum, a marketing blog, merchandise and digital download storefront, and more.

Fan Management

Engage with your fans. Easy VIP experience. Allow fans to signup with a fan membership.

SEO & Marketing

"SEO Friendly?" No. More like SEO Family. Fan discovery and engagement is pulsing through the veins of our platform.

Simple To Use

Tools that are simple to use, but not so easy to live without.

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Why Choose Us?

Band Magnet knows that the website is just the initial step(Pre requisite). Picking up where the "competition," conventiently left off.


Is Your Site A Billboard In The Desert?

Admit it! ALL website builders are up to the same old, dirty rotten tricks and leave you rockin' and rollin with the tumbleweeds. Well, not ours.

Take Your Act On Tour

In the real world, in order to increase fans, you hit the road and play. Why would it be any different online? Take your act on a virtual tour through search engines, social networks, email inboxes, and more.

Planning & Strategy

You want to drive fans to your site. Agent SEO will help you Magnify your talents. Your own virtual agent to walk you through the required steps.

Are You Ready To Elevate Your Creative Powers?

One thing that separates an average artist from a successful artist is a marketing strategy. Band Magnet can help you bridge that gap. Your Journey Starts Here!